Resources for Life Coaches

If you are an extraordinary, certified, and experienced Life Coach with great passion for applying coaching principles in the lives of youth, please continue reading!

We have developed a body of work that we call "Thrive101". Thrive101 is based on core life-coaching principles, and it is directed toward students and those that influence their lives. This includes school principals, educators, and administrative staff, and the results we see are dramatic and very gratifying. For example, we routinely witness:

  • improved academic performance,
  • higher levels of student engagement,
  • reduced disciplinary referrals,
  • better cooperation between educators and students,
  • reduced educator stress levels, and
  • positive cultural shifts in the schools themselves

Interest in this work is growing rapidly, and we are looking for Life Coaches to work as independent contractors to deliver Thrive101 programs to students, school staff, and parents of students as demand increases. We can provide training in the work, instructional and related materials, and ongoing support from coaches that are experienced with the work. We can facilitate the development of programs to fit the wishes of specific schools, and we can be instrumental in finding funding to make it happen.

It is our goal to expand the reach of this work. If you believe you meet our criteria and are interested in learning more about how you might positively impact the lives of many kids by working with us, it can start with a conversation by email, mail, or telephone. Please find our contact information at the bottom of this page.