Thrive101: Empowering kids to thrive in Academics, Leadership, and Life through Transformational Coaching

The Thrive101 work incorporates concepts from many areas, including Life Coaching core competencies, transformational leadership coaching principles, work from organizations such as the Fearless Living Institute, and people such as Nancy Hellander Pung, Carol Dweck, and Dr. Brene Brown.

In its simplest form, Thrive101 is an effective way to help students achieve academic goals. With the help of a trained Thrive101 coach, students connect their personal goals and values with academic performance. Once students realize this connection, they become more self-motivated and accountably move forward with coach support. Grades improve, disciplinary problems diminish, self-confidence climbs, and the student ultimately incorporates the process as a new mindset.

In a more complete form, the coaching mindset is adopted throughout the entire school system. Faculty seamlessly apply the coaching model with students and are perceived by students as more supportive. Teachers find that relationships with students improve, and their jobs become less stressful and more satisfying. Students actually spontaneously start coaching each other. The school is transformed into a more cohesive and higher-achieving community.

These straightforward skills and constructive mindsets can carry on outside of school, into the community and on to adulthood.

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