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There are many concerns today about the "Education Gap"-the gap between student's potential and their actual academic performance. Teacher workload and stress continue to rise, and relationships with individual students are all too often less cooperative than we would prefer. It is frustrating for everyone involved when kids don't fully engage in their classwork, their homework, and/or planning for their own future.

The Thrive101 Leadership, Life, and Academic Coaching techniques can bring major relief from all these concerns. By using a set of formal techniques adapted from Life Coaching, kids gain clarity on their own individual core values and on their longer-term goals and dreams. Armed with this knowledge, they become self-motivated to reach for their goals. The Thrive101 techniques help them make a plan to achieve goals, identify beliefs and behaviors that may be artificially limiting their progress, and keep them accountably moving forward. As this mindset evolves the student takes increasing control of their academic responsibilities and the teacher can concentrate on supporting, rather than driving, student learning. Consider the words of one teacher that has employed the Thrive101 techniques:

"Coaching has helped me with my classroom management. For example, today, they were working on a worksheet when the noise level started to get too high. Instead of saying "Please be quiet", or "Stop talking", I asked them "Is this helping you to achieve your goal?" And they very quickly got back to work without me having to shame them, without me having to redirect them; just the question helped them to be on task."

Although this is only one small example, it speaks to the power of the coaching mindset to transform your relationship with students. These techniques can be easily learned, and we hear it every day-they make a big difference in the student-teacher relationship, in teacher stress, and in student achievement. The very culture of the school can shift to a more supportive, more cooperative, and higher performing environment!

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Introducing these powerful tools to your work and your school system often begins when a passionate and forward-thinking member of the school staff makes contact with us by email, mail, or telephone. We are passionate about helping kids thrive, and if you are too, please find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

See slides from our Presentation on Life, Leadership, and Academic Coaching from the 2013 Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals Conference!

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