Resources for Financial Partners

We are a 501(c)3 Private Operating Foundation, which allows donors to deduct donations to the extent permitted by tax laws. In addition, we are very particular about fiscally responsible operations, and therefore operate with extremely low overhead. Presently 100% of all funds donated from financial partners are used to directly fund the carefully selected, trained, and certified Life Coaches that deliver this work for the benefit of students and the educational partners that influence them.

Whether you are an individual considering making a personal donation, or represent an institution considering philanthropic activities, supporting this work offers immense rewards to the individual students, the school environment, and the communities involved. The results are truly transformational, they are sustainable, and they are not prohibitively expensive to implement.

Whether you are considering supporting this work in the particular school of your choice, a particular school district, or providing more general financial help, we are grateful that you might consider becoming our financial partner.

The next step in a potential financial partnership starts with a conversation. Please contact us by email, mail, or telephone to begin. Please find our contact information at the bottom of this page.