Thrive101 Projects for School Year 2012-2013:

Hopkins MN High School Logo

Hopkins High School, Hopkins MN

School Year 2012-13 is the first year of a 3-year project at HHS called the "Be Your Dream Academic Coaching" program. The project employs a combination of teacher/staff workshops, parent workshops, peer-coach training for students, as well as one-on-one coaching for individual students. Following are some highlights:

  • 20 teachers, administrators, and other staff have been trained in Thrive101 principles. This training included Action Research where teachers directly integrated coaching skills and conversations into their professional practice with students. Year-end survey data shows a significant improvement in relationship trust and respect, and higher student achievement. (detailed data coming soon)
  • 42 parents attended the “Coachable Moments-Bringing out the Best in your Teen” workshop series.
  • 27 students have been trained as peer leadership coaches. Students are excited to mentor incoming sophomores at HHS, as well as in other areas of their lives.
  • Approximately 80 kids received 1-on-1 coaching, with over 600 “Hallway Coaching” sessions. Since many of these kids were unengaged and academically at risk, this is an area where we see dramatic change in students. They are, with very few exceptions, more engaged and performing better academically. Interestingly, as these kids succeed, many are interested in becoming peer coaches in hopes of propagating the Thrive101 principles.

The goal is to provide a sustainable shift in the school culture resulting in higher student engagement and corresponding academic performance, and preliminary data suggests that we are indeed achieving these goals!

Hopkins Education Foundation

Hopkins Education Foundation, Hopkins MN

The Gary S Stevens Foundation and the Hopkins Education Foundation joined together to fund a 3-year project intended to produce a sustainable shift in the school culture in Hopkins, MN. As the first year of this program nears its end, enthusiasm for even more widespread deployment of the coaching mindset is high!

Eden Prairie MN High School Logo

Eden Prairie High School, Eden Prairie MN

We previously trained 20 teachers in the Eden Prairie High School in 2011 and 2012. This year we have provided a coach to support a cohort of 4 teachers to continue to develop their coaching skills and utilize these skills in their classrooms. Our on-site coach has also provided individual coaching for students selected by these teachers as being "likely to benefit" from individual support. Additionally, we conducted two 3-session parent workshops this year, with approximately 50 total parents in attendance. The feedback from attendees has been very positive; a frequently voiced comment following the workshops is that the attendees are hungry for more!

Minneapolis Fair School Logo

Fair School, Minneapolis MN

We've facilitated programs in the Downtown Fair School that include 20 teachers being trained in academic coaching principles with ongoing mentor support. Many of these teachers are directly providing 1-on-1 coaching support as an intervention for individual students. A coaching effort concentrated on 84 students who were failing 1 or more classes. After coaching this group for one term, 44 of the 84 students were achieving passing grades!

Robbinsdale-Cooper Hawks logo.jpg

Robbinsdale-Cooper High School, Robbinsdale MN

Robbinsdale Cooper High School is our flagship-we've been working with them since 2008. To date over 40 teachers and other professionals have received extensive training in academic coaching principles, truly changing the culture of this system. We have trained over 200 students as Peer Coaches since 2008, who have then coached their peers as well as younger students at Robbinsdale Middle School and Eden Park Apartments. Also, over 40 parents have been trained through the “Coachable Moments-Bringing out the Best in your Teen” workshop series.

In 2008, 140 students received individual coaching in the Dean’s office. This has now evolved into our “Hallway coaching” model, which allows quick coach "check-ins" to efficiently keep the kids on track for achieving their goals.

RCHS has seen our teacher training program evolve to include Action Research Projects, which significantly increases teacher expertise in coaching by tasking them with devising projects to use their newly learned skills with students. Some teachers choose to concentrate on at-risk kids, while others choose to coach entire classrooms, as well as other variations. We also combine the Action Research projects with periodic "Cohort" sessions, where trained teachers assemble as a group, with our lead coach present to support, to talk about their coaching successes and challenges. This collaboration further refines their skills and provides a forum to celebrate the success stories.

Principal Michael Favor has steadfastly asserted his belief that kids develop important character attributes by performing acts of service to their community. Principal Favor has developed a "Mini-Grant Service Project" model whereby groups of kids can propose community service projects and apply for any necessary funding-which we have helped provide. As these projects are developed and implemented, we support them in "making meaning" with the help of our lead coaches.

Robbinsdale Middle School Logo

Robbinsdale Middle School, Robbinsdale MN

Our programs are new to RMS this year, but they have been enthusiastically received!

  • We have trained 32 administrators, staff and faculty in Academic Coaching skills. These staff members are embracing the skills through Action Research. For example:
    • Some teachers have entire sections of students participate in setting personal goals, efficiently and quickly reaching hundreds of students.
    • A teacher coached 15 6th grade girls as a group. They were asked to identify goals, dreams and core values and then created an action plan to achieve their goals.
    • 20 students received 1-on-1 individual coaching from their teacher, with support from our Lead Coach.
  • Many RMS students are regularly coached by their older peers from Robbinsdale Cooper High School, who were trained and are mentored by Certified Life Coaches. It is amazing to note the extent to which these middle schoolers look up to their high school coaches; and it is equally amazing to see the high school Peer Coaches rise up, knowing that they are being of service to kids who are looking up to them!
  • Over 100 RMS and Plymouth Middle School students attended a youth summit entitled “Stepping into your Greatness”. The summit focused on Thrive101 coaching skills. Trained Peer Coaches from RCHS were present to support the middle schoolers during this summit.
  • A team of 10 8th grade teachers was trained to use coaching techniques as an intervention with at-risk students. Preliminary data shows that engagement, academic performance, and behavioral problems are materially improving in many cases.
River Falls WI High School Logo

River Falls High School, River Falls, WI

The River Falls High School is new to us this year. In effect, this relationship began after the principal took training in Academic Coaching at Hamline University, and found enough value that we've now trained 5 teachers and a counselor. Their action research projects include providing individual coaching to several students as well as coaching entire classes. Staff have requested additional training, and discussions about expanding this program next year are in progress. We are also working with the River Falls Community Education organization with hopes of offering our Parent Workshop series “Coachable Moments: Bringing out the Best in your Teen” in the fall of 2013.

Hamline University Logo

Hamline University, Saint Paul, MN

Training in our Coaching model is offered for graduate credit through Hamline University. If your district is interested in receiving training in Thrive101 coaching skills, please contact us for more information. Since 2008, over 200 school administrators, staff, and faculty, plus other interested individuals have received this training.

Global Citizen Year Logo

Global Citizen Year, Global

Global Citizen Year provides an international gap-year program for students around the world.

This relationship has blossomed, and it started with one student taking Coach Training at Hamline University and then implementing the new skills inside her non-profit business. Collectively, 93 fellows ages 18-22 are being coached in 3 different countries, and ongoing support from our trained coaches is taking place via Skype in such distant places as Senegal, Brazil, and Ecuador. We are very excited about further development of this online model of delivering our work!