The Thrive101 Program Descriptions

The Thrive101 Program is influenced by many sources:

  • Life Coaching core competencies,
  • Transformational leadership coaching principles,
  • tools and principles from the Fearless Living Institute,
  • Carol Dweck's work with building a "Growth Mindset",
  • Dr. Brene Brown's work on vulnerabilty, shame and living a wholehearted life, and
  • various other concepts taken from neuroscience, mindfulness techniques, and positive psychology.

We've distilled these principles and apply them to youth in a manner that quickly helps them gain clarity on their own core values and goals. The kids then propose an action plan to help them get more of what they want in their lives. With ongoing support from a Thrive101 coach, kids accountably move toward their goals and learn to identify and transcend beliefs and behaviors that are interfering. It may seem simple enough (and it is!), but the evidence is clear: once people achieve clarity on a personal goal then make a self-directed plan to reach it, the chances of success rise dramatically. Coaches provide structure and support while maintaining accountability. The result is a more constructive mindset.

Our programs can take the following forms:

  • 1-on-1 coaching, where a coach works directly with individual students. Usually there is an initial session where the student learns the process, identifies personal goals and values, and then establishes a plan to reach his or her goals. The coach periodically "checks in" to help keep the student accountable and refine the plan as needed. The student progresses toward his or her goals and ultimately becomes self sufficient with the process. We keep these check-ins brief and efficient so as not to interfere with classroom time-we call it "hallway coaching".
  • Teacher workshops are led by Certified Life Coaches trained in the Thrive101 material. Trained teachers work with their individual students and classrooms with ongoing support from the coach until the process becomes second nature. The goal is sustainable cultural change. Key teachers become fully equipped to take these skills into their professional lives as well as propogate the approach to other school staff. The coaching mindset is carried forward naturally.
  • Parent workshops, where a lead coach teaches Thrive101 concepts to parents of students in a manner very similar to Teacher workshops. Parents often share many of the same goals when the workshop opens..."I'd like my child to communicate with me more openly", "I'd like my child to prioritize school and homework without me having to 'nag' them"... And these same parents often report dramatic improvement by using the techniques we provide in the workshop.
  • Peer coaching, where a group of students is taught the Thrive101 principles and techniques in a classroom setting. Once trained, they are tasked with coaching their fellow students while receiving ongoing support from the lead coach. In addition to being a direct help to their peers, these peer-coaches become practiced at building relationships with peers in new ways and often find that the leadership role motivates them to hold themselves to a higher standard. It's a win-win!
  • Community Service Mini-Grants, where individual students or student groups devise a community service project and apply for funds they deem necessary to make it happen. With support from coaching, students not only perform acts of service, they recognize first-hand the personal value that comes from performing service for others.